Nicky’s handmade gifts at Newton Hall

My name is Nicky Frost, ever since I remember I have loved creating things with my hands.

I have made model boats home diy and started making jewellery in 2004. In 2005 I started to get interested in spiritual guidance and crystals.

I have always loved meeting people and have a tendency to help people. I also got into photography and enjoy the results.

I am now doing all the things I love and am giving a service to people who need special gifts or guidance, I am learning how to channel and read tarot cards, at the moment and will be offering my services to people who need me.

I have combined all my loves in to my shop, crystals, hand crafted gifts, jewellery, photo shoots, and sell gifts to do with fairies, angels, and cupids including personal gifts and hand crafted gifts.

Any item can be ordered and bought on line and I look forward to having your comments and orders that fulfil your heart as they do mine when I make them.