Local quality produce & outstanding personal service

To transform town centres by populating them with local and innovative retailers in prime retail space at affordable rates.

Mission to create premium retail environments


To create premium retail environments in prime locations that become shopping destinations for customers who appreciate local, quality produce and outstanding personal service.

Opportunity to develop prime retail markets


Town centres have been in decline for years. To re-invent them as social, commercial and community hubs new thinking and strategies are required. It is extremely difficult for new retailers to find affordable space to launch their business as set-up costs are prohibitive.

An opportunity exists to develop prime retail markets in town centres that provide cost-effective space to retailers wanting to launch new products and services. These markets will form the catalyst for further retail regeneration. As new businesses establish themselves they will then look to expand and take their own retail units.

The opportunity is unique in that it provides local entrepreneurs with the chance to trade in prime locations at affordable rates. It is also unique in offering property owners a different approach to leasing large units that otherwise would have limited appeal and be unaffordable to anyone other than major chains.

We aim to help make “Market towns about markets and all that that entails”.

Target Local Market

Target Market

We are targeting customers who are genuinely interested in shopping locally for quality products and appreciate excellent service. They understand that value is more than just price, it’s about service, convenience, reliability and quality. These customers will become our ambassadors as they proudly spread the word about our business to their friends and family

Main Objectives

Main Objectives

  • To allow local producers sell and promote their products in a premium retail environment with high footfall and easy access, that would otherwise be unaffordable.
  • To provide a route-to-market for entrepreneurs with innovative products made in the region.
  • To encourage new retail businesses to populate town centres.
  • To create a unique retail destination that generates additional footfall and forms a catalyst for further retail regeneration and lower vacancy rates.
  • To generate profits for stakeholders to expand the business model into other city centres across the UK.
  • To give customers more reasons to shop locally and make them feel valued for doing it.
Background for retail business development


Traditional high streets have been in decline for decades since the growth in out-of-town developments and internet shopping. The recent economic downturn has resulted in a sharp rise in vacant retail space and the loss of many independent businesses from high streets.

A lack of creative and strategic thinking about the future of town centres has meant that many people feel there is now way of reversing this decline.

The government recently commissioned Mary Portas to look at issues facing high streets and suggest ways of improving their fortunes. Traditional town centres are in decline because of reduced footfall, new market channels, a lack of investment in infrastructure, expensive business rates and rent as well as a lack of creativity and innovation.

Unless new opportunities are embraced then decline will continue. To regenerate our town centres we need to offer lifestyle solutions that allow people to live, work, shop and socialize without the need to travel further a field.